Dec 092011


My name is DJ OriginAL – I blog about music and spin around the Boston area. For more details about me OriginAl Logocheck out the About Me page or check out My Music.

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Mar 162012
Dj OriginAl - Party Like its 2012 (Moombahton/Hip-Hop Remixes)

My new Mixtape – Dj OriginAl – Party Like its 2012 (Moombahton/Hip-Hop Remixes)

I Put a  lot of Hip Hop remixes and blends, as well as samples in the beats,  because I wanted to make something that had a lot of familiar music for people who have no idea what Moombahton is.

Good way for those new to Moombahton and the whole EDM scene to get introduced.  Check it out, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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